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We have extensive experience in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemistry. Our main interests are small molecules and thionation, however if you need help synthesising any compound please contact us for a quote.

Our services

Our in house organic chemistry lab is fully equipped and a collaboration with KTH provides access to the full range of analytical chemistry instruments.

Thionation and organic synthesis services

Advanced services in research and commercial manufacturing.


We are looking for partners interested in licensing drug candidates. The thionation process is available for outlicensing.

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Our products

Our thionation reagent JBR comes in two forms, solid or powder. Please contact us if you need help to choose which form will suit your purpose best.

JBR – Solid reagent

Pyridine and Phosphorus Pentasulfide (P4S10) react readily to form the powder solid reagent. Your choice of solvent can be used. (e.g. sulfolane or acetonitrile)

Chemical name : Pentathiodiphosphorus(V) acid-P,P′-bis(pyridinium betaine)
CAS No: 16610-51-8 
Mw: 380.5, C10H10N2P2S5
X-Ray: CSD Entry UYUCUN 789666
Patent: WO2012104415

Excellent for thionation of amides and ketones, 0.25 – 0.33 equivalents of reagent can be used for full thionation of one C=O group of substrate. Easy work up procedures – all JBR derivatives (pyridine and thiophosphonic acid) are water soluble. Alcohols can be used for workup. Often no chromatography required due to high purity of the crude product.

Clean reaction, good thermal stability up to 180ºC, compared to Lawesson’s reagent that slowly decomposes >110ºC. Odorless, stable reagent in anhydrous conditions, good selectivity

ThioTORJBR in Sulfolane

Pyridine, Phosphorus Pentasulfide (P4S10) and sulfolane react readily to form the liquid reagent. Easy to use and store. Quality tested over time.

Thionation process 

Development of effective synthetic procedures for thionation of appropriate carbonyl substrates using JBR or ThioTOR

Custom synthesis of thionated compounds and heterocyclizations using thionation procedure.

Use our technology commercially with an in-license agreement. 

For orders or a free test sample of our thionation reagent, please send us an email.