About us

Vironova Medical AB was founded in 2015 as a spin-out from Vironova AB by Mr Mohammed Homman and the late Prof. Jan Bergman. Vironova Medical is commercializing a patented chemical process technology for thionation named Jan Bergman Reagent, “JBR” after its inventor. We are using JBR in the development of pharmaceuticals including antiviral compounds, that make up part of our portfolio and compound library. 

Board of directors

Mohammed Homman


Alf Sollevi

Board Member

Ulf Säther

Board Member

Mats Persson

Board Member

Maria Homman


Key Management

Eva O’Keeffe


Mohammed Homman


Mats Henriksson

Marketing Director

Jingyi Zhang

Investor Relations

Robert Almqvist

Finance and Accounting Manager 

Dmitry Antonov

Principal Scientist

Prof. Jan Bergman

Co-founder of Vironova Medical AB

1941 – 2021

The former CEO and co-founder of Vironova Medical, Prof. Jan Bergman, sadly pasted away in December 2021 at an age of 80 years. He was one of the two founders of Vironova Medical and instrumental to the company.

His research has laid the foundation of Vironova Medical, and all his work at his retirement from the Karolinska Institute was injected into the company. He was active at both KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, and The Karolinska Institute as Professor for more than 40 years where he ran the Unit of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Biosciences at Novum. His work during this period resulted in +300 scientific publications and 25 patents. The most significant invention for our company is the Jan Bergman thionation reagent, JBR. You can find a link to the full tribute by the renowned chemist Emeritus Professor John Joule at The School of Chemistry, The University of Manchester here.

Link to A Tribute to Prof. Jan Bergman

Most relevant publications

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