Vironova AB (publ) granted US patent for a Thionation reagent.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Vironova AB, a leading Nano-Characterization technology and software company announced the approval of a new patent application. The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted Vironova a patent for a Thionation reagent (no 13/936423).

This patent is expected to be valid until 2032. Corresponding patents have been applied for all major markets. Based on this innovation, Vironova continues to develop the technology for the US market where a number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies are stationed.

“The approval of this patent gives us a long-term US patent protection for our technology, a technology that can be used in the chemical industry but also for modifying pharmaceutical compounds. The patent is an important component in our strategy to develop new drugs with improved properties,” says Mohammed Homman, Founder and CEO of Vironova AB.

For further information please contact:

Mariette Nordzell

Head of Drug Development