Vironova Medical AB

What we do


A chemical process to substitute an oxygen atom of carbonyl group with a sulphur atom.

Drug discovery

Our focus is on anti-viral drugs, with candidates in herpes, influenza and covid, but also projects in inflammation and cancer. 

Jan Bergman Reagent

Our thionation technology and reagent, JBR, is versatile and accessible for broad use within the pharma and chemical industry.

For orders or a free test sample of our thionation reagent, please send us an email.

About us

Vironova Medical AB was founded in 2015 as a spin-out from Vironova AB by Mr Mohammed Homman and the late Prof. Jan Bergman. 

Vironova Medical have developed a patented chemical process technology for thionation named Jan Bergman Reagent, “JBR”, after its inventor. JBR is used in the development of pharmaceuticals including antiviral compounds, that make up part of our portfolio. Read more about Prof. Jan Bergman here.